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Heves Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara



Create value in Heves County!

October 03. 2014.

In the heart of Europe, in the region of Northern Hungary - Heves County
The county abounds in mineral and natural resources where mining plays a key role.
The area provides well-organised logistics and infrastructure network such as easy and quick access to motorway and railway as well.

The demands of inhabitants are served by numerous businesses which produce high quality and healthy foods. The operation of local food store chains is of key importance.


The driving economic sector in the county is the processing industry, in particular the automotive industry, which produces for the global market. The typical products include electronic components for cars as well as transmissions, steering components, modern electrical systems, and elevating mechanisms for machines and engines.


The sector also comprises unique areas, such as pneumatics. The active electronic steering system developed for improving driving safety can also be found among the products offered by the sector.

The domestically-owned machinery companies are leading suppliers of the region’s multinational enterprises. Export plays an important role in their activity.


Functioning of the economy could not be sustained without adequate vocational training. The growing industry is supported by education which is based on apprenticeship system.
Construction industry in the county is characterised by on-going renewal, modern technologies and energy-efficiency. Heves County is the centre of Hungarian window manufacturing.

The economy in the county is served by two university colleges. They offer training programs according to the demand of the respective sectors. Economic and scientific courses dominate in their training offer.

Besides the practice oriented higher education, implementation of R&D concepts of enterprises focusing on practical purposes is also essential.

The innovation-based world-class medical industry focuses on people and curing. Thanks to implants and protheses manufactured here patients can live a normal life again.


In the wood industry, companies work in cluster cooperation - special services, joinery products and manufacture of customized furniture.


The companies produce metal packaging supply goods for international markets of nearly 35 countries. Their customers come from global stakeholders of food and cosmetics industries, and manufacturers of household chemicals. Providing jobs for numerous small businesses and workers, the tradition-based marketable handcraft of the region is of key importance.


Water is one of the keystones tourism can rely on in the county.

This region abounds in various natural values, built heritage, tourist attractions and the related services. The restaurants attract tourists with a variety of flavours together with well-matched wines.

The two mountain areas stretching here provide place for high-quality grapevines and wines, and numerous branches of active tourism.

Lovers of extreme sports, active relaxation and hiking can all take huge steps here in preserving their health.


Create value in Heves County!